Welcome to Senkos Farm

Senkos Farm is a small-scale market farm that strives to bring nutritious food to people in the greater Portland area. During the 2019 season we are a vendor at the Lloyd Center and Gresham Farmers Markets.  We also offer a weekly subscription of vegetables through our CSA program.

We’re located along Sunshine Creek in Damascus, Oregon about 20 miles southeast of Portland. Our intention is to improve the land, ecosystem, and community that we are part of. Our highest priority is to grow unaltered, organic, and wholesome food including fruits, vegetables, herbs, eggs, and poultry.

“…human life can continue without industry, whereas it cannot continue without agriculture”
-E.F. Schumacher (Small is Beautiful)

Our farming practices are rooted in the belief that local, small scale agriculture is an essential part of a healthy local economy and thriving community. We’re glad to be joining the ranks as one more small scale farm making a difference.



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